Aston Martin DB9 2004 - 2012

Oil Pan Sump Assmbly


Genuine Aston Martin Oil Sump Pan assembly.

New Gasket listed and sold separately, does not come with the oil level sensor which is also listed and sold separately.
Fits all years and versions of several models.

For all models other than 2008 and earlier DB9 this fits all years and versions except Rapide where it only fits Rapide and not Rapide S.

The following applies to pre 2008 DB9 cars fitted with the 4G4E Sump.
There have been claims on that the original 4G43 sump fitted to DB9's prior to 2008 allows oil surge and the oil pump then draw up air instead of oil. Aston have modified the dipstick several times. Only this later sump is now available.
It has been suggested that fitting this later 8D33 sump cures the surge problem, a new 8D33 type dipstick is needed to match the new sump for this change. Aston changed the oil pump at the same time as the sump, again the old type is no longer even shown in the parts list, while either is mechanically compatible with the new sump I suggest following Aston's lead and fitting the later pump.

The part numbers 8D33 or 4G4e are cast into the sump and are visible from underneath.

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